I sleep, restless

I walk, in thought

I move, in pain

I hustle, worried

I stop. I smile.


Myriad voices, in askance

Raised Eyebrows, surprised

Million faces, rebuking

Sundry hands, ready to strike

A warm virtual hug


“It’s difficult” – you will lose

“This is ridiculous” – you fool!

“Don’t you dare!” – you’ll pay

“How could you” – you strayed

“You’ll be fine” – reassurance!


Dark, stormy nights

Thunder, Lightening

Howling Winds, Surging Seas

Remnants of a broken ship

The pink Sun on the Horizon


Anger, Questions, Ridicule

Vicious circles of Doubt

Love, Faith, Acceptance, Hope

Courage to start anew

You are my Serendipity!