As a woman, I seek equality

In this deeply divided world

Divided by religion, caste, economy

By the color of skin, of the clothes one wears

From those voices upholding my rights

As a woman


You cry for the unborn girl child

For the father who has to give her away

You stand in solemn support

Of women who makes rotis behind the stove

Is that the equality you can give

To the woman?


You speak emancipating words

On Facebook and Twitter, and your blogs

And then you make that chauvinist comment

Without so much of an apology

You always know better, Just because

You are not a woman


That is not the equality I seek for myself

That is just not equality, my friend

Equality will come on that day when you

Stop seeing me as a woman first

Stop being condescending towards my beliefs

Because I am a woman


I want to be free from the custodians of womanhood

From sad salutes of ceremonial understanding

From admiration of things I achieve

‘Despite being a woman’

I will be equal when you detach that epithet

Of my being a woman.