Once I walked on a bed of roses

On the soft red petals of love

Drinking in the heavy scents

Of all the blessings from above


Dreaming of everlasting bliss

Of love that lasts forever after

Not knowing hidden thorns did lay

In guise; to prick my carefree laughter


I walked in pain on a road of thorns

That tore through my beating heart

Till blood oozed out and made a trail

Of horrid tales that made me start


I walked through fires in familiar eyes

That judged me to perdition

Muted, stifled, burning within

My life and I, reduced to one question


Yes, I walked through choppy shores

Through harsh and rugged terrain

I faltered; I fell; and I took strength

To stand proud on my own again


I walk today on a sheet of white

My feet are slippery in the snow

A radiant smile adorns my soul

As I bask in love’s warm glow


I walked in courage through the thorns

I willed to walk, till pain did cease

I walked in faith to find my truth

And now, I have found my peace