A beautiful journey on a never-ending route plan, and only one final destination – that is what life means to me.  One goes through different modes – one flies high sometimes, and sometimes one sails through, cruising past life. And then there are times when one takes the winded path, slow and difficult but a fun trek all the same. One zips past various locations, fast-paced, racing through, collecting trophies and accolades; and then one reaches a point where one wants to take a break, spend some more time, and smell the roses. One meet people on the way, makes relationships – some that are transitional, and some that last through. Some of these people change the course one takes, leading to a different stop-over. Its a happy caravan singing along, and then there are stormy nights on tough terrain which are difficult to navigate. But when one looks past, it gives a sense of adventure and achievement. One learns all the way, and builds on one’s character, and one yearns for more and better experiences, and starts all over again.