There was a time when I

Would hate to eat alone

 Goaded to chew and swallow

Till all the food was done

In between my constant chatter

While friends would secretly groan


I loved the sound of laughter

Of irregular circles around the rug

Cackling, guffawing  at inane jokes

In ecstasy, without the drug

Jumping for celebratory high fives

Those cheers from clinking mugs


Animated expressions gave us away

My friends would scowl in class

Tiring my mother out with stories

Of naughty bunks en masse

Philosophical at three in the morning

Barefoot, sprawled on the grass


Whispering sweet nothings

As twilight descends on our walk

Uncalled, the night would fall

Midnight phones around the block

And yet it was not enough

There was so much more to talk!


I eat alone on silent nights

Tired, sapped and worn

Laughter, squeals, the hushed whispers

Those sounds they are long gone

The rustling wind, my dinner and I

And those little beeps on my phone