As I sit down to dinner

with my dear friend;

My dear, good, gentle friend,

‘Meat!’ He exclaims.

As I pass him the bowl

I realize

he meant not the dish.

His eyes fixed on the TV screen,

On a woman

in a dress of ‘questionable hemline’.

‘Meat?” I ask, incredulous, unbelieving.

He shrugs in nonchalant affirmation.

And explains to me –

Basis the length of her dress

(His marketing brain in overdrive)

How she would have actively planned

packaging and positioning of her brand.

Juicy. Extra Hot. Spiced Up. Meat.

And I wonder

If I came out tomorrow

clad in my little black dress,

Would I be meat too?

Wearing my invitation

on the hem of my dress?

To be cooked and enjoyed

by this man – my erstwhile friend

now turned consumer.