So you believe,

you Honorable men and women

of Incredible India.

You firmly believe

that the good Indian daughter

should not step out of her house,

for her own safety and well-being.

I would quote the statistics,

but they´re meaningless;

for you believe what you will.

But answer me, please,

with your hand on your heart.

Really – on your heart –

are our daughters really safe

within the confines of their house?

Has no girl been abused –

raped, vandalized, killed

in the safe confines of home?

None in your knowledge?

Why, they´re not even safe

in their mother´s womb!

Hand on your heart, please!

Answer yourself, conscientiously.

And then, only then

will you have freedom to ban.

My hope is, you won´t

Not when you stop and think

Not if you have a conscience

Not if you listen to that inner voice

I hope you will be outraged

just like we are…

And I live in that hope…