The first time I met you

in a room full of youngsters

I felt a connect, soon forgotten

as we went our corporate ways.

Now, years later,

you came back into my life

helping me adjust

in this new country.

You became so many things:

My translator, travel guide,

mid-day coffee provider,

punching bag, sounding board…

You sit on my sofa today

and soon, it’ll be time for goodbyes.

My bangali khichuri

will always carry the aroma

of your remembrance,

and my gulab jamuns

will always have a tint of you.

Paying bills at izzy

may not be so easy anymore,

And every sunday I will recall

those walks to tianguis

as Trader Joe, jeans folded.

I will fondly remember

each treasured moment,

sewn into the tapestery

of my multi-color life.

Farewell, me hermano

Dios guarde bien –

till we meet again.