Angels – they come in all hues and shapes:

Rotund cherubs with fluttering wings;

tall and bearded in flowing gowns;

And loving, golden, motherly souls.

I have seen them often –

in pictures and movies, with their divine smiles.

But I have also seen the other kind –

without the robes, the wings or beards.

They wear normal, tailored clothes.

How do I know they´re angels, you ask?

Sometimes, they´re only a voice

across the telephone line.

Sometimes, flashing alphabets

arranged on my computer screen.

But they seem to know when I need them –

soothing words for my frayed nerves,

helping me cope, when I least expect.

They don’t have to, but they do –

empathize, support, motivate.

And in that process, leave behind

the warmth of happy tears!