A picture speaks a thousand words,
A picture doesn`t lie.
But would a picture fit you whole,
however much I try?
What picture could I use to show
the terror that I felt
When I first knew I`d be a mom –
A thought I`d never dwelt?
What picture could describe those months
I saw my body change
My love for you grew stronger still,
Why wasn`t that strange?
Those hazy bones, the sketchy you
Your heartbeat racing fast
I have it captured in my brain
and etched it in my heart
The first time I set sight on you –
A bloody, scaly sight
Those very first of doozy days,
all those sleepless nights
I`ve seen you grow these last six years,
develop into your own
Trust me when I say, a luckier mom
I haven`t known
My daughter, friend, philosopher, guide –
you`re all that and more.
My splitting image, born of me,
so different yet your core
You`re the one who made me a mom
From you I always learn
The more I get to live with you
the more for you I yearn
You are my biggest weakness darling,
you`re my greatest strength
For you I could bring heavens down,
make even hell relent.
Say, what picture captures all –
this journey, this romance
This bond that you have blessed me with
There`s a camera, perchance?