Dear Papa,
You did not raise us
to wait for Prince Charming.
You did not teach us
to depend on another
or be bogged down by others` opinions.
You gave us the will to stand on our own –
be the tree that provides support
and not the creeper
that wilts under the slightest sun.

Dear Papa,
You gave us the courage
to forge our own path.
You taught us to believe in our dreams
and gave us the means
to turn them into reality.
You gave us the wings to fly
and showed us how to still stay rooted.
You trusted us to be our own selves
and not a blueprint of social expectations.

Dear Papa,
Don`t despair
when you see us alone in our struggles.
You taught us fortitude to bear all
and still stand tall.
Don`t fret
when we haven`t `settled`
for you made us capable to go it alone
and come up tops.
Dear Papa, be Proud.