I heard that voice last night

as if he were right here;

Joyous, wondrous, just like him –

a murmur of fresh air!

That husky, happy, booming voice,

above the din and squall.

I sat up and I wondered –

Could he come back, at all?

And bring along those happy times –

those times without a care…

those times when we were children still;

our big man was still here.

The man who always stood up front

The man all made of love

The man made sure he had enough

of laughter in his cove.

The man of unknown strength

in the strongest of the storms;

He held us in good humor while

his cells grew out in swarms.

That night he went – all still and silent,

darkest of the nights.

We grew up in that moment

he left us lonely in our fight.

We smile and dance and laugh and live

but not one day passes by

When we don’t miss his presence

or let out a silent cry.

It would be bliss to have him here

in flesh and blood, and whole.

Have him wrap us in his love

and comfort of his pure soul.