I wasn’t thinking of synchronicity when I sat down to write. But as I switched my laptop on and opened a blank word document, the word typed itself out! As if my fingers had developed a mind of their own, tapping the keys before I even realized what happened. A mere coincidence, is it? I believe not. So what is synchronicity? It’s a concept. Introduced by Carl Jung – a psychologist who insisted on appearing on almost all my courses during my graduation years – although I was studying English, NOT Psychology. Jung introduced some really interesting concepts, like synchronicity, to the world. According to him, synchronicity is a series of events that seem to have no correlation to each other, but they make perfect sense. Like a series of coincidences that fit together like pieces from a jigsaw puzzle.

Has this ever happened to you? You are looking for answers to a problem, and then this long lost friend appears on your social scene with the answers to your very problem. Or, you missed your breakfast in the morning rush, and then your colleague comes up with this bag of fresh, home-made bread. It happens to me – quite a lot. And in very weird ways! Like, I broke my phone, and got this brand new latest model of Brand A from my organization. I wasn’t quite happy about some of its features. I kept complaining that I would prefer the earlier version. Within a month, that phone just got picked from my pocket by few little kids while I was walking on the street. Of course, no other model was available but the one I had been asking for! So I got what I wanted in a very odd, twisted sort of way.

People could call it synchronicity. A series of mere coincidences – probably unrelated. However, I personally believe that I attract this synchronicity in my life. There have been many times when I have got what I really wanted, but in an unexpected sort of way. Like one time someone told me that white peacocks are really rare, and if you see one, it brings good luck. I was completely down in the dumps at the time, and could do with a little good luck. I thought to myself, ¨how nice it would be if I could see one¨. The next day, I took my daughter to the local zoo, and lo and behold – there I see a peacock with its long white plumes outspread, dancing in regal abandon. It didn’t really do much to my luck, but I saw it, nonetheless.

Does it just happen, and we attach our own meaning to it? Or that is how it was meant to be? Or can we really attract things or situations in our lives? Those who are familiar with energy linkages in the universe will tell you that we can, and we do attract situations, people and things in our lives. The more we think of something or someone, the more we attract that in our life. Like another philosopher, Descartes (who also insisted on featuring in our English course, a lot) said, ¨I think, therefore I am¨. Extend this to mean, whatever I think of, I become. Or, whatever I think of, I bring upon myself. So if I tell myself I am a poor, unlucky, old idiot, that’s what I become. If I keep thinking of how a certain situation makes me uncomfortable, I bring that situation upon myself. I have seen people who are paranoid about their health, for fear they might have to visit a doctor. Invariably, these are the people who end up having to visit the doctor, and frequently so. Some others are dare-devils, who want to experience everything, and no woes befall them, ever. They skydive, they bungee jump, travel solo, eat from suspicious street stalls, and still remain fit as a fiddle.

I believe that synchronicity is just a manifestation of our thoughts. If we really want something in our lives, we create the energies that bring them to us. We see them as mere coincidences, not realizing the power we carry within ourselves, waiting to be unleashed. We cannot even fathom the possibilities of being able to attract what we want. If only we focused enough on what we really wanted, and not be swayed by what others have or wants us to have – we could live the life of our dreams! It is only important to know that we need to focus on what we want and why, and not focus on what we do not want. So if we want good health, we should imagine ourselves having healthy habits, feeling fit, and also making space for health and fitness in our lives. If we continue to think of the problems we could have if we are not healthy, then we will be attracting these problems in our life. Also, there is a difference between want and need. If we want something, it is generally because we know we deserve it. With need, there is a strain of dependence, even though undeserved. Needs denotes a fear of not having, and that fear prevents our need from manifesting. If there is even an ounce of doubt that we do not deserve, although we may need it, what we ask for, we will not be able to create that reality.

Synchronicity is our ability to create our future, with a disciplined focus on what we really want. It requires us to weed out everything else from our mind. It is not as easy as it sounds. It is not very difficult either. The power lies within. There are no mere coincidences. The mantra, I am told, is simple: Ask. Believe. Receive.