Don’t let that smile fool you
into painting a rosy picture
of her glorious, blessed life.
She carries a million mutinies
in that soft curl of her lips.
Every woman has a backstory.
You will tell me – so do men.
But hers….I do believe,
are far more compelling.
You may call me biased,
but I know –
she inhabits multiple worlds –
chasing the stuff of her dreams,
while scaling her rubble of realities.
She knows
her parents relentlessly followed
the Chinese Calendar
to make sure she was a boy,
and lives in the stunned aftermath
of realization that she wasn´t.
She knows
it is an easy choice
between an education and a husband,
and that choice is not hers to make;
only hers to live –
with permissions required.
She knows
Her degrees and designations
do not matter much –
she will still be scored
on the roundness of her rotis
and the length of her veil.
She knows
she is judged every step of her way,
hears the snide remarks,
belittling her little conquests.
And she gathers herself up
to stand tall amongst it all
and smiles.