We meet in my dreams
you and I
holding hands….
and we talk.
I tell you about my childhood
and the fun of growing up
in my hometown.
You tell me about your mother
and your evening rides
on your father’s cycle.
I tell you of the struggles
behind my smile.
You listen to me
with your kind eyes
as your arms hold me
in their soft embrace.
We sit there
hunched together.
And words drop down
silently on the sandy beach
as we watch the sun
going down the crimson sky.
The balmy waves lap at our feet
in hushed succession.
And then I wake up
and we become
two distant beings.
We talk sans emotion
about pragmatic, routine things.
The bills that need paying
and plants that need watering.
You and I
we go about living
the life that needs to be lived.
And we are not us anymore…